Review aplication: Quora

What is Quora, do you know this application, in this time I will explain about this application.

Reported from Wikipedia,

“Quora is a knowledge exchange site that was founded in June 2009 and launched in the private beta stage in December 2009. … Quora’s significant competitors are social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, and social networking sites such as Yahoo! Answers, LinkedIn, Answerbag and”

I myself know this application from one of the articles on the internet, from there my curiosity is high for this application, then I searched for it on Google Play and I found it after a few hours I used this application I started to be addicted but still can manage time for things Other benefits are of course my daily life.

This application is about asking and answering from many people around the world, we can asking about Everything all we want. I will share a question and answer. Check below..

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